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Spring break festivities

I had a wonderful day today. Yesterday was okay, with the exception of a large dental expense. It almost physically pains me to pay for dental work, but it’s gotta be done. A necessary evil, I suppose.

Speaking of necessary evils, today I helped a friend prepare her tax return. She’s a smart cookie and probably didn’t really need my help, but I was able to offer moral support and celebrate with her when we were done. She ended up getting a refund rather than owing a crap-ton of money, so it was definitely cause for celebration. We took the kids out for ice cream cones. It was cold and rainy, but in my book the weather is always perfect for ice cream.

Tomorrow the kids and I will be taking the Spec-Tran to the local bounce house. We’ll be there all afternoon, so we’ll need to be sure to bring snacks and other supplies. I’ll bring electronics just in case one of them gets bored, but I’m hoping that doesn’t happen. I’m really hoping they play away and forget about me so I can sit, uninterrupted, and work on writing my book. It will be a great day for all of us, I’m sure.

Chapter ONE

It all started with jury duty. It was a welcome reprieve from my stressful job as a collections & finance manager, but I wouldn’t say I was enjoying it. The acoustics in the County Court building seemed really terrible. I was hearing some sort of ringing, a high pitched whine. Only the ringing didn’t go away when I left the building. It continued, worsening even, throughout the week. On day three, when I cupped my hands over my ears and snapped at my kids for being noisy, my husband knew something was wrong. “You need to call the doctor”, he said.

He was right.

That was early August of 2013.  A lot has happened since then. A lot has changed. Whether the changes are good or bad is all a matter of perspective. This is my story, from my perspective; the good, the bad, and everything in between.

There’s your teaser, for the book that may or may not get written. What next? I barely remember the 6 months following that. I’m having memory problems. Clarity issues. WRITER’S BLOCK. Is there a cure? Is it permanent? Will she ever break free?!?!

I think this is the kind of endeavor that drives people to Crazy Town. I might be okay with that 😉