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It’s almost like I’m really starting over

This letter came yesterday, sent to my new address, from my audiologist’s office. I’ve been seeing them for two years, since I first lost my hearing, and they have performed tests, administered steroid shots in both my ears, implanted cochlear devices in each ear, and conducted numerous follow up meetings to program those devices.


Just when I’m ready to move on, they want formalize our relationship. Geesh. And how did they get my new address anyway? Weird.

Memory Fail(s)

Funny story (to me, anyway): This morning started out just like the previous few; ease out of bed, pack lunches for the kids, wish them well as they leave with Dad to go to zoo camp… Then I watered the flowers, made some coffee, and sat down on the couch to relax and do some reading. Forty-five minutes later I hear a honk, and the dog started barking. Perplexed, I got up to see what was going on. There was a white Spec-Tran van in my driveway. To pick me up. For the hair appointment I made just two days ago.

Oh, I was frantic. They don’t have to honk, and they certainly don’t have to wait for you to get dressed because you completely forgot they were coming. So I opened the front door, waved to let the driver know I was aware and coming, and rushed back to the bedroom to put on a bra (because I was still in my pajamas). The whole time – a matter of seconds that felt like eternity – I was praying the driver would not leave me. I hurried to put Piper in her crate, slipped on some shoes, grabbed my wallet and purse with a last minute check for my keys, and headed out the door. The sense of relief as I rode in that van was extremely gratifying.

Then as we were nearing our destination, the driver asks me if the address is 4020 (they often do this, which frustrates the crap out of me because they have GPS and I’m deaf, and it’s just hard and usually extremely unnecessary) and I say yes, that I believe it was next to a Quality Dairy, but I wasn’t sure because I’ve only been there once before. But then he pulls in to the salon’s parking lot and it’s there, right where it always has been, and the nearest Quality Dairy is at least 3 blocks away. Another memory fail. But here’s my note to Spec-Tran: don’t take navigation advice from the unlicensed deaf/blind girl. Her memory is like a sieve.

Minor mishaps, really. I was there with plenty of time to spare. I got a real haircut, and afterwards was able to chat with the stylist about cochlear implants. She had seen a video on Facebook showing several people, of all ages, reacting as their implants were activated. She was fascinated by the miracle of it, even though she knows she can’t come close to knowing what it’s like. She showed me the video, smiling the whole time, and her eyes just sparkled as she watched; she seemed to really “get it”. So it was just a good moment, to share in the awe of the CI miracle with a hearing stranger. It really is a miracle.

And then I called Spec-Tran (yes! with my cell phone!) to get picked up (we were done much earlier than I expected). When I got home I changed out of my pajamas (lol), let Piper out of her crate, and poured that cup of coffee that had been waiting for me. It’s good to be alive.

Lame Recap of a Wonderful Weekend

We’ve had a lot going on around here. This weekend was busy, and leaves me longing for Monday, when I can truly rest. Saturday was the Walk4Hearing, which was fantastic. Ir was raining a little, but it was tolerable. The temperature was nice for walking. I didn’t walk, of course, because I was still in surgery recovery mode. Instead, I borrowed a wheelchair and my friends were eager to push me along the way. Luke came with me, and it was a lot of fun to see how excited he was to be there to support his mom. He was amazed at how many kids were there, and how many had hearing aids or cochlear implants. Who knew hearing loss affected so many young people?

Then there is today, Sunday, the 8th anniversary of my son’s birth. Yes, it was his birthday. A day to celebrate, for sure. On these birthdays I think a lot of our seven year wrestle with infertility, and thank God for eventually healing me and for giving us two wonderful children. Luke was really excited to turn 8, and he talked about all the fun things he has experienced in his 8 years here on earth. It’s been a fun ride, that’s for sure. I am proud of the boy he has become, and look forward to the man he grows up to be.

I really do have more to say on that subject, as well as others that have been rolling around in my head, but it’s late, I’m tired, and I don’t do well with that combination. My mind works best in the morning, so that is when I will return. Whether it’s tomorrow morning or the next, I cannot say, but I do promise to be back.

Add blood disease to the list…

I’ve been really tired lately. For the past couple of months, actually. I just kind of assumed it was circumstancial, or due to the m.s., or a combination of both. It would make sense. Fatigue and balance issues are par for the course with m.s., and we have the new puppy, and we’ve had lots of travelling and family events with the holiday.  So I had been telling myself that’s what it was, and it would ease up.

Only it wasn’t easing up, and I was starting to get very discouraged. I just couldn’t get back to that place of feeling like you have sufficient energy to move. And no amount of caffeine or sleeping seemed to help.

I went to see a new neurologist yesterday, and shared all of my concerns with her. She said I’m doing all the right things (though I am under orders to stop climbing on chairs) and I’m on the best m.s. treatment with my monthly Tysabri infusions. She ordered a gang of blood tests, since I hadn’t had one in quite some time.

She called this morning with some of my test results (while we were at the pediatrician with my son, who has been complaining of headaches and was up last night with headaches and vomiting. She was still waiting on further test results, but the one she was most concerned with was my vitamin b levels (or hemoglobin, or something). Whatever “they” are, they should be at 12. Mine are at 8, which means I am very anemic. Their words, not mine. The lucky thing is that my primary, who my neurologist was advising me to see regarding the anemia, is located on the second floor of the building my children’s pediatrician is in. So Mike called to see if they could see me right then and they were able to! So I left Mike with Luke and took the elevator to the 2nd floor. The primary doctor ordered more blood testing to get a better sense of what might be causing the anemia, prescribed some iron pills, and is setting me up to see a hematologist.

What FUN. After everything I went through last year with the trip to Mayo Clinic, hospital stays, plasmapheresis, etc., I was really hoping for some time off from doctors and testing. That’s clearly not happening.

I’m not exactly looking forward to more medical drama – not to mention the frustration and guilt I feel for needing my husband to take time off work to drive me everywhere – but I am somewhat relieved to learn that I wasn’t just making this up. I wasn’t just becoming a lazy person. There is a reason for this fatigue, and the headaches and dizzy spells. More importantly, there are solutions. Before today I didn’t know the first thing about anemia, but I know now that it is treatable, and depending on the cause, can sometimes even be reversed. That’s a hell of a lot more than I can say for multiple sclerosis. And compared to all of the mess I’ve been through with m.s. for the last 5 years, and the mess I go through daily with hearing loss, anemia looks like a walk in the park.

Now I just have to find the park!