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TC#18 – Good morning, Lord

This is the 18th entry for the thankfulness challenge, hence the TC#18. Get it? Good.

I am a morning person. Yes, I like my sleep, but I don’t particularly care for “sleeping in”. I feel like when I do, I’ve wasted half the day. And my mind seems to work best in the morning. Plus, coffee.

This morning as I was walking back from the kids’ bus stop, I turned a corner and was stopped in my tracks. It was the sun, rising up through the wooded area behind our neighborhood. It was as if all of a sudden it lit up the sky. And I felt it. God was saying “good morning” and reminding me He was there.

So today I am thankful for the sun, and that it rises faithfully. Every. Single. Day.

Blessings for all

“Seek [God’s] kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well.” – Luke 12:31 (NIV)

It’s safe to say I’m really enjoying life with my new ci hearing. It’s amazing to rediscover sounds I haven’t heard in almost a year. Yesterday it stormed, and I was able to hear (from inside the house!) the rain and thunder. And though voices sound artificial, like the cartoon chipmunks or people high on helium, the rain sounded so real. And I know from talking with other ci recipients that it only gets better from here.

Last night as I laid my head on my pillow for the night, I was thanking God for this miracle, and telling Him how wonderful it was. And then He said something to me (when thoughts come out of nowhere, I know it’s Him). This is what He said. This is so exciting. Ready? “This isn’t IT. There is more to come.”

God loves to bless His children. He has blessed me and my family, and He won’t stop there. Really? More blessing? Yes. There is more to come. But the even better news is that I am no exception. You are His child as well, and He wants to bless you too. In fact, He probably already has, and maybe you missed it. So, do this today. Be on the lookout for God’s blessing. And if you have trouble with accepting it, stop that. Just let Him bless you.