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Had a lovely time camping with the kids this week. I took a nap as soon as we got home. Sleep was interrupted by a nightmare that seemed like it came out of an episode of Criminal Minds (which I haven’t watched in well over a year). Oh well. I woke up to dinner with the family. I have laundry going and now I’m just trying to catch up on paperwork and junk while Grandpa feeds my kids ice cream. Between the ice cream and camping gunk, they will be bathing tonight!


And now the kids are bathed and in bed. Time for me to rest. Not doing laundry. Not working on a grocery list or planning my weekly chores. I still desperately need to bathe as well, but first I’m parked on the couch with a heating pad, warming my aching, arthritic lower back. Cuz I don’t have enough issues with┬áthe hearing and vision loss.

Ah, but life is good. I am blessed with a wonderful family. And it is so good to be home.