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To be continued

I’ve been absent, I know. It’s just, well, we bought a new house. It’s been kind of a whirlwind. A good whirlwind, but a whirlwind nonetheless. I plan to blog all about the changes, and I have been journaling offline, so once we have working Internet I will fill you in. For now you are getting this condensed message typed from my phone.
A lot has happened, a lot has changed, but I assure you that I am still here. And yes, I am, for always, still Mindy. 😉

Never Forget

I am a grown woman, and my dad is a World War II history buff, so I’m embarrassed to admit this. Until yesterday, I had no clue where Pearl Harbor was. I am reading a book, “Maude”, about a woman who was alive in the early to late 1900s. When the bombing on Pearl Harbor happened, one of her children asked her where that was, and when she said Hawaii, I was more than a little stunned. I guess I always assumed it happened overseas. Not on our turf. And I’ve never had a desire to go to Hawaii, but now I do, if only to visit the Pearl Harbor museum there on the island of Oahu.

I wouldn’t normally write a whole post about something so trivial, but I find it interesting that this knowledge came to me just at the start of the Memorial Day weekend, so I wanted to share. I want to pay tribute to those who lost their lives while serving our country. If you are spending time with family and friends this weekend, eating good food and playing games, please know that you are afforded the freedom to do these things because of the brave soldiers who gave their lives for our country. As we celebrate this weekend, let’s remember why. Let us never forget.

Being a grown-up

(I am blogging from my bed, which means I’m Swype-typing on my phone, so there’s my disclaimer, there may be a typo or two.)

That’s a long, unnecessary disclaimer for what I’m about to say. Basically I am going to toot my own horn. Or embarrass myself, depending on which way you look at it.

Ahem… I am here to announce that I am now a faithful flosser! That’s every night, folks, I have been flossing my teeth. And I’ve been keeping it up since my last visit to the dentist, which I think was in early April. It has become a new habit for me, something I just do, even if I don’t feel like doing it (which is most days). No need to talk myself into it anymore;  I just do it because it’s part off my nightly ritual.

And can you believe it only took me 37 years to get here?

Frankie says…

Lately I’ve been struggling (and this time I mean it) with severe anxiety and worry and irritability. In short, I’ve ben in perpetual “Bitch Mode”. I’ve been on edge constantly, and the slightest misstep, accident, or loud noise can set me off. It’s not fair to my family, and it’s no way to live.

Bitch Mode ends today.

Not that it won’t ever creep back in, but today I am deciding that this state, being “on edge”, must end. And that I am the only one who can make that decision.

For one thing, it’s kind of childish to have all this anxiety over trivial things like a puppy peeing in the house or children spilling sugar on the floor. Because there are people suffering and dying all over the world. That’s just a really big thing that can’t be solved, but it adds perspective at least. Second of all, life is precious and if you’re busy worrying about trivial things, you are not enjoying and being grateful for what you have. I have these “problems” because I have a puppy and two beautiful children. Those are things I would not change. Therefore, I choose to be grateful, not hateful (see what I did there?). Just pause, breathe, and live in the moment. If something is stressing me, I’m going to stop and ask why, and if I can’t come up with a good reason, then I’ll just have to let it go and move on.

What does this all come down to? Me, learning how to relax. To really, really, RELAX.  This is something that does not come naturally to me, and I’ll likely have to go through this process again. But I suppose that makes sense. The prefix of the word is “re-“, which indicates repetition. Again and again and again.

Pull up a chair,  we may be here awhile! 😉

Change and Control

This is all so so true, and truth my friends and family all try to convince me of, only I’m stubborn and I forget and revert to old negative guilt – ridden patterns of thinking. So I am sharing these profound words, both for me and for my readers. I hope to return to writing this week. Lots of thoughts floating around. Lots.

Hearing Elmo

change for the better

I’m not a big fan of change. So when faced with a year that is sure to be chock-full of change, I can feel a little overwhelmed. Ok. That’s actually not true.

I can feel freaking terrified, sick to my stomach, near panic attack, bite my nails to the quick, SOMEONE LET ME OFF THIS MERRY-GO-ROUND called life screaming, “abandon ship! abandon ship!”

I’m not even a spontaneous person. My family knows not to ever throw me a “surprise” party. To me ordinary is extraordinary. I just hate change. For me, it’s all about control. That’s right. I’m a bit of a control freak. There is an upside to being a control freak. I am very organized. I’m punctual and responsible. There are, however, all kinds of negative things that come from being a control freak and refusing to accept change too.

I had fairly significant OCD tendencies throughout my…

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