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Natalie’s Preschool Graduation

Natalie’s last day of preschool is today, and they held a “graduation” celebration at a local park. We had a blast! The weather was perfect; nice and sunny, and not too warm. Natalie had so much fun playing on the playground that when they were told to come over and sing songs and be presented with their graduation certificates and caps, she immediately got her shorts in a bind. And left them that way for the entire thing. When the kids all stood in a line and sang songs, she stood with her back to all of us (see previous post). Arms crossed, there was no way she was participating. It was funny to see the kids on either side of her doing the motions to the songs, with her standing there so still and resolute. But I have to hand it to her, she is persistently committed.

Here she is pictured with her Chinese teacher, Susan Lao Shi (Ms. Susan). She was an excellent teacher for both Natalie and Luke, and I’ll definitely miss her.  I didn’t get a picture of Natalie’s English teacher, but I’m equally appreciative of Miss Christy. Thank you both for all you do. You are wonderful!