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No one is around, thankfully

I say that while completely understanding the irony here. I’m not shy.

But seriously, what the hell is up with my hair? I washed it about two hours ago, towel dried it, and have been sitting and reading a book since then. And now there is this:

Wild hair

…which may not be a big deal relatively, but I’m not used to it. Mostly because once it fully dries it tends to calm down, and I generally keep it up in a half-ponytail so it doesn’t interfere with my cochlear implant. However, they tweaked the magnet on the headpiece last Tuesday at the audiologist’s office, and it is staying put much better now. The first magnet was strong enough, but caused pain. The second one didn’t cause pain, but kept falling off. This third time is the winner, apparently. I think only other CI recipients can understand the joy in being able to keep this thing stuck to your head. And oh, being able to style your hair in more ways than just the half-ponytail is pretty thrilling too.

The excitement never ends around here. Ha! Good night, my dear bloggy readers!


Today’s potato soup

I’m not much of a cook, but I am learning to master some basics, like easy pasta dishes, perfectly-cooked bacon, chicken noodle soup, and as pictured below: potato soup.

My mother-in-law taught me years ago how to make it, but with the years I neglected the practice. I was working full-time, going back to college, having babies, etc. But now that I am home all day I have the time to play around. And with time and the cooperation of my family (well, my husband at least) I am gaining more courage to try new things.

Not that potato soup requires a lot of courage. It’s hard to go wrong with potatoes, butter, and milk. But I don’t like a dull soup, so I add things, tasting as I go. Today’s batch was by far my favorite. I used sautéed onions, salt and pepper, garlic powder, dill weed, corn, and ham. The dill weed I added because I tasted the soup and felt it needed a little more sweetness. After sniffing around the spice cabinet and taking a suggestion from the internet, dill weed proved to be the perfect addition.  I added the corn and the ham at the end since they don’t need so much time to cook (the ham was already fully cooked). The ham and corn turned out to be good choices, and made for a hearty soup. We have a ton leftover, so I may just freeze the rest and save it for later. I love having leftovers for my lunches, but you can only eat so much potato soup.

So, in lieu of a cohesive conclusion to this post… Here’s to potato soup, and trying new things!


Secret ingredient soup

My kids may kill me for stuff like this some day, but I like to live on the edge. Luke and Natalie both love Ramen noodle soup – or, as we like to call it around here (for you Kung Fu Panda fans) – “Secret Ingredient Soup”. It’s easy to make (I use half the seasoning packet) but all the noodle slurping involved with eating them gets quite messy.

I have captured some precious Secret Ingredient Soup moments for you with a couple of photos.

Please note the concentration and gusto displayed by the boy as he eats. And then note that the young lady is enjoying some light reading while she scarfs giant gobs of noodles into her face. That is, if you call arachnology a light read.



Sadly, that’s all this writer has today. Happy Monday!


I think that last stocking got hanged

So. I have three Christmas stockings. The one on the left with the Santa Claus is my favorite, because my grandma knit it for me, and I used it every Christmas growing up. Only problem is that it stretches, but that’s not really much of a real problem.

The reindeer stocking in the middle was also knit by someone, though I can’t remember who. But, it has my name on it so I’m pretty sure it was by someone I should know.

The stocking on the rightwith the super-duper cute snowman was made years ago by my mother, and she made one for my husband to match, as well as similar stockings for the kids. This is the one I hang near the tree, with the rest of the family’s stockings. Only we have a problem. The ‘I’ and the ‘N’ fell off at some point and I can’t find them anywhere. But Mom is coming to visit this weekend, perhaps we can take a trip to the craft store and make some replacement letters?


And then… what to stuff in them? Candy, fruit, travel games? What do you put in your stockings at Christmas time?

Oh, the tree!

We put our Christmas tree up on Monday. It’s a real tree, in all its glory. We’ve had real trees in the past, but when we got a cat we stopped and bought a fake tree. Easier to retrieve from the floor and repair, only it has seen better days and doesn’t hold all our ornaments. That was well before we had kids, so the kids have never had a real tree before. This was their first year, and I really think they are enjoying it  They helped pick it out, trim it up, and put the ornaments on. Just this morning I caught Luke leaving the table during breakfast to go turn the lights back on.  We already have a good stash of presents purchased, so I’m excited to wrap them up and put them under the tree. After I get a new tree skirt, of course. Can’t have a naked tree all December, now can we?