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The Calm

I forget, is it the calm before the storm, or after? Or is it both? I think I’m in the middle. It’s Friday, and I do have shtuff to do, but I’m utterly spent. Natalie is in her pajamas, watching SpongeBob, Luke is at a friend’s house for the day, Piper is napping on the rug, and I am showered and shipping coffee. And blogging of course. Floors need sweeping, but they will just have to wait. Momma is resting her weary bones. Happy Friday to you all ūüôā

I did not chuck it all

In reference to my previous post, I did not throw in the towel. I did not chuck it all and join the circus. Heck, I didn’t even stay home and get drunk. Turns out some good, quality sleep is all it took to snap me back to reality. Today I gladly accepted my¬†responsibilities. I went to sleep by 11 pm, was up at 7 am with the kids, and only took an hour long nap during the day (which is not usually sufficient, but this time it was!). I got a lot accomplished on the homefront: sweeping, mopping, cleaning toilets, folding laundry. I even fed myself a decent lunch of fried eggs and toast, though I’m pretty sure I got egg yolk all over myself in the process of eating it. I fry my eggs over easy, and I can’t see colors well due to my vision loss. So, runny yolks folded up in my toast got messy. And I only know this because I felt it dripping. All. Over.

Anyhoo, I have been mixing my regular coffee grounds with decaf. I don’t want to go completely caffeine-free, but I do want to be able to drink more coffee and not have¬†the crummy side effects. Caffeine is a diuretic, and we people with MS¬† have bladder issues as it is (97% I think I remember reading). So¬†caffeine doesn’t help. Gradually switching to decaf – which is not entirely free of caffeine – seems to be a good alternative. This way I can have my coffee and drink it too. So far it has been a painless process, and I’m already noticing improvements, like the better quality sleep. I’m glad for the change. We’ll have to wait and see if it sticks.

Pastor gave a really good sermon (as usual) last Sunday, and I¬†want to ¬†write about it this week. Tomorrow’s looking good for that. For now it’s time to wind down and hit the hay!

My Comfy Writing Spot

Not sure what to write about, but I’m in my little comfy spot in the kitchen. In the corner next to the window, surrounded by shelves and with Piper puppy sleeping peacefully in her crate at my feet. And hot coffee at the ready, of course.

The exciting point of my day may be when the mail is delivered, but probably not. I already received what I was waiting for, which is the Spec-Tran approval I blogged about last night.

When I’m bored like this it’s nice to goof around on Facebook. A friend announced she found the best granola, so of course that sparked a lengthy comment thread. The food posts always do.

This has been a wonderfully uneventful week so far, which I much appreciate after last week. Last week was brutal. All the sickness and the cold. Kids home for the better part of the week, which I should love, but.. I was (am) feeling pretty fatigued. And throw a four-month old puppy into the mix? Just a little more than I can handle. And now hubby sounds like he is developing what we all had. That was inevitable, I suppose.

So when life has slowed down what do I do? I nap, first and foremost, but then when I feel mostly rested I clean. Dishes, laundry, floors, etc. It’s all never-ending. Meaning you are never “done” with laundry or dishes or cleaning floors. These are things that are constantly in progress.¬† Once I realized that fully, I stopped putting them on my to-do-list. It seemed silly to keep crossing them off only to put them back on again. So now my to-do list consists of more irregular things like paying bills and clipping my toenails.

I would really like to get back to writing that book. The process (which honestly hadn’t¬†really begun) got halted when we all fell ill. And now I need to get back at it. To be honest, I feel extremely inadequate at this whole book-writing-thing. Am I even doing it right? I’m¬†just writing, hoping it turns into something I can have published so that people can read it. But publishing, well that’s a road I have not traveled and have no clue how to find. Yet. Let’s write the book first. And this corner spot in my kitchen is the perfect place for it.¬† As long as Piper complies, I could make this a daily ritual. Sitting here, sipping my coffee, tapping away at the keys. That sounds like a Happy Place if you ask me.

Now, enough rambling for me. I will let you go. I have words to write!


The kids are at Grandma’s, and we have had a glorious time relaxing after the holiday. Yesterday after we dropped the kids off we stopped at the indoor shooting range. This is our idea of a date, because we both enjoy shooting. Mike is good at it, and has done well in competitions. In fact, I think he¬†won the last one he competed in. I, on the other hand, am not so great. I just don’t get enough practice, but also the impaired vision doesn’t help. Though I surprised us both yesterday. I did a lot better than we expected. My reward? An early Christmas present purchased from the gun store, registered in my name.

After our time at the range, we headed to the local Italian restaurant for a good, Chicago-style pizza. Mike had been craving it, and I am always up for pizza. Even the day after Thanksgiving. We always like to order the largest sized pie and bring the leftovers home. Mike and Luke both just love cold pizza for breakfast. Silly boys.

So, this morning I had pizza for breakfast, and now I am enjoying the turkey day leftovers for lunch: pumpkin pie and coffee. We haven’t even touched the leftover turkey yet.


Thankfully the house wasn’t destroyed from the festivities, so it didn’t take much to clean up. Dishes are done, extra table and chairs packed away, floor mopped. Mike even got his voice back!

I have to say¬†I was quite amazed and pleased to see so many people giving thanks on Facebook this year. And not just any thanks, but thanks for the simple, genuine things like family and friends and God’s blessings. There was a bit of a trend of hard times for many of my friends and family this past year. Many of us were struck with extreme challenges¬†like major illness and even death,¬†some happening¬†on¬†this very week of Thanksgiving. I honestly believe the devil was trying extra¬†hard this year to bring people down, but if my personal Facebook feed is any indication, it didn’t work. People are still seeing the good in life, and thanking God for it. I pray that continues, and that we are all able to see God’s hand at work in our lives.

All in all, it was a pretty perfect holiday. I am still learning to cope with change and enjoy every moment of life I am given. I pray the same for whoever is reading these words. Now… on to Christmas!!

Thankful challenge day 13

This may sound trite, but today I am thankful for coffee. I have a small coffee maker, perfect for making my daily ration of two cups of coffee. And with a little half and half, my highly processed, cheap grocery store coffee goes down easy. Makes me smile. And since I just recently loaded my OliveTree app onto my new phone, I can read my morning scriptures in one hand while sipping from a piping hot mug of coffee with the other.

And did you know? Running the pot and filter through the dishwasher before brewing really does make it taste better. No more lazy rinsing for this girl!

What are you thankful for on this fine Friday??