Finding a writing space

Writing has not been happening like I would like it to, but I’m not giving up. Just working on finding my groove. I joined an author’s group on Facebook, and that helps to give me motivation. A lot of it are posts from fiction writers, but it’s all like-minded people so it helps to at least keep the subject of writing in the forefront of my thoughts.

I huge obstacle I’ve been facing has been not having a good physical space to write in. I don’t have a separate office in my home, though I somewhat secretly look forward to when the kids have moved on so I can hijack one of their rooms for this purpose. I do have a corner of my bedroom with a secretary hutch I use often for paying bills and church bookkeeping. Across from that is a cabinet with all our filing and on top of that, our printer. So you could say a sliver of bedroom space is my “office”.

With that said, I think I’ve finally found a spot in my home that is comfortable yet encourages me to be productive. My son has one of those big pillows with arms that are nice and firm so you can sit them on your bed and sit up and do whatever, like read or play video games. Or write!! So I have it sitting on my bed, my nightstand is holding my cup of coffee and water bottle, my laptop is plugged in next to my cochlear implant and phone chargers, and as long as the laundry is caught up I feel like I can relax and have no major responsibilities tugging at my time. That and if the door is closed, my family *should* know not to bug me.

I’m hopeful, but we will just have to see how it goes.

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