Friday the 18th

I feel like I’ve not been writing enough and I don’t want to let myself go too long without an update, so here goes.

First, I think a lot of my absence here is a result of not having quite adjusted to my new routine, and also not having a quiet, comfortable place to sit and write. I prefer writing with my laptop, but I rarely open it nowadays unless it’s for work related purposes. I have a corner in my living room that used to hold my laptop and crochet projects, and this is where I would unwind and tap out my thoughts on the blog. But now that corner is cluttered with work things, so I guess you could say my happy place is tainted. So what I decided to do is to untaint it. I’m decluttering my bedroom upstairs, where I have a charming secretary hutch and filing cabinet. So that area will now be my work space, and the living room corner will soon be restored to its peaceful, inspiring state.

Our dog, Piper, was sick this week. She had peed in the house a couple times, on carpeting, which she never does. She’s been known to piddle a little on linoleum when she’s excited, but this was different. Then we also noticed her tail was bent downwards, when it’s normally fully up and wagging. Dr. Google informed us that the tail was likely a sign that she was in pain. We called the vet and they said she probably had a urinary tract infection and to make sure she’s getting lots of fresh, clean water, and it would likely clear up on its own. Sure enough, within a day of monitoring her water quality and intake, she was back to her old self again. I just felt so bad that she was in pain. I’ve had UTIs before and the pain is no joke. She turns 5 tomorrow and we’re just happy she won’t be spending her birthday in misery. Because she knows it’s a special day, of course.

Life is slowing down some but I expect it will pick back up soon enough. I have lots more to update but I’ll probably do that once the office space shuffling is complete and I can sit and type on a normal keyboard. This phone typing I’m doing right now is annoying.

I hope you are having a lovely day and we’ll chat again soon!!

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