I so hope this is not a joke

Pizza Hut Will Finally Launch Vegan Cheese in the U.S. | LIVEKINDLY


I gave up dairy two years ago and while it’s been extremely beneficial to my health, it was also one of the most difficult things I’ve done. My top three favorite foods have always been coffee with half and half, ice cream, and pizza. And when it came to pizza I’ve always had a soft spot for Pizza Hut because I worked there in high school. I just really dig their pizza. Still. I know there are far better pizzas out there, but I like theirs. So when they started offering vegan cheese in their UK stores I was kinda bummed I was on the wrong side if the pond.

But then this!! They announced they are coming here to the US! They announced it a few days ago so I waited to see if it was a joke. I don’t know, I guess it still could be too good to be true, but if not, if it’s really happening, I am really looking forward to this summer.

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