A new woman

I am sure I never mentioned that my phone had been dying for quite some time. I have loads of patience so I let it go longer than probably most people would have. However, my husband noticed my frustration, logged my complaints, and surprised me by ordering a new one!! I am now the elated owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which is two generations up from what I was using. Yes, it’s still an older version but I don’t care, folks. Its new to me and it works and that’s all that matters. A bonus is that it has more visual accessibility features so everything is easier to read. High contrast, large print, color management. And it’s in all the programs, not just a select few. I am one happy lady right here. My daily productivity is going to go through the roof, and I won’t know what to do with myself! I might have to reinstall Farmville just to keep myself busy 😉

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