Sporadic memory loss

I have issues with memory loss. I can’t say for sure if it’s a result of aging or if I can blame it on the MS. It’s spazzy enough that I would be inclined to credit MS for it. It’s both long-term and short-term memory loss. Gaping holes that I just can’t seem to access.

It is a minor nuisance, but my husband and kids have gotten so used to it we just laugh it off and move on with our lives. However, I’m doing this work for the church now, and it’s a whole new group of people who have yet to experience my memory loss issues. And I’m feeling a lot self-conscious as I interact with them. They ask me questions and I tell them I’ll get the answer for them but then I forget the question. Or, like today, I forgot where the question had been posed. Was it strictly verbal? Was it in a board meeting and I wrote it down? I have that inner nagging that tells me there was a question that needed answering but that was sort of the extent of it. Well, I did remember the overall subject so I sent an email to answer the question I guessed had been asked. And then after hitting send I found the email with the original request. And I felt ridiculous, because I didn’t exactly answer their question. Like, you’re aiming for the bullseye and you’re just a few inches off.

Okay, that’s not really what I wanted to blog about today. I should save that discussion for my therapist.

OOH, my therapist! Did I mention I’m going to therapy? For the depression, and I tell you it’s really helping. I leave every session feeling positive and encouraged and like everyone should go to therapy because it’s just so *useful*. I’m learning about the lies I tell myself and it’s fascinating, really. Okay, that’s all. More tomorrow, peeps. Enjoy the sunshine.

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