I’ve had lots going on over here in real life. Too busy and too exhausted to blog about it, but I thought I would check in real quick before I closed my eyes for the night. I realize how annoying that is when bloggers blog about how much they’re not blogging. I don’t care, I’m okay being the annoying one.

Things I’m excited about:

  1. I created a chore chart for the kids and it’s actually working
  2. I’m becoming a little less obsessed with what I eat
  3. I’m also pretty sure I’m becoming a vegetarian, and I’m learning to be okay with that
  4. My vision is improving and I’m done with the steroids
  5. Tomorrow I’m meeting with my favorite tattoo artist to talk about my next tattoo. Eeek!

So, you know, nothing crazy, nothing spectacular. But all good. I’ll take good all day long.

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