Yes, ma’am

A woman getting off the Spec-Tran van last week said to me, “Have a nice weekend ma’am.”

I looked to the woman sitting next to me and asked, “Did I hear that wrong, or did she just call me ma’am?”

“There’s a first time for everything!” she replied.

“I guess so. I didn’t think I was quite a ma’am, yet.”

“Let’s see… I would guess you’re what? 35?”

“Pretty close! I’m 38.”

And then of course, she wanted me to guess her age, which is frightening because you never know how a stranger will react depending on how far off you are. So always, always, guess on the low side. Unless you’re talking to a kid, I suppose.

I don’t usually converse with the other passengers, but sometimes I get stuck with a chatty one, and that’s always fun.


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