Maybe I should buy a trike bike instead

I went on a bike ride with my daughter today. I don’t know why I try, really. It almost wears me out more than running. Almost. And it’s not the riding part that’s so hard. It’s the stopping and going. No wait, it’s just the going. Stopping is easy. Getting going again requires balance, which a normal, healthy human would probably not think twice about. But for me, the MS girl, it’s kind of problematic. I just don’t have the balance required to get it done without looking like a complete goofball. It’s fine when I catch myself, and better yet when I actually get moving again, but when I don’t? This kind of thing happens (I know it’s a little gory, and I apologize, sort of):

Ouchy-wah-wah is what we like to say around here. Yikes. And is it crazy that I didn’t realize the damage until AFTER we finished our shopping trip? I mean, a half hour later and a mile more of riding happened and I was completely oblivious to the bleeding. I had inspected the scrape right after it happened, but I guess I missed that upper part. I blame my right eye, it’s useless.

Of course now we are home and resting, and I cleaned up the wound and it hurts like the dickens. I’m pretty sure it was getting infected. Eeewww.

I might wait until I’ve built up my core strength a bit more before attempting another ride. Gotta stay safe!

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