I can’t believe I’m up this late

It’s quarter after 11 and I’m still awake. Meaning, my mind is still processing things like a normal person. This is not usually the case. But today I was somehow able to take a two hour nap, and I guess it was effective.

So I’m up in my bedroom, nursing a beer, and I just finished chatting with my mom (she’s an hour behind in Oklahoma). And now I’m thinking about the upcoming days. I have no plans on the calendar until Saturday. That’s three whole days of nothing, and I’m really looking forward to it. Lots of resting and recuperating will happen. But then there is Saturday, and it’s a big day.

Saturday is my high school reunion. Twenty years, baby. I know some may joke and say high school reunions are lame (or torture, if you’re John Cusack in Grosse Pointe Blank), but I’m actually looking forward to this one. I went to a small school, with a graduating class of 98 students (I think), and I had some really good friends and not really any enemies. I went to my ten year reunion, before Facebook and all that, and it was interesting to see that we were all still kind of finding ourselves. But twenty, that has to be different right? After twenty we may as well be different people altogether, right? I know I am. I am a completely different person than I was at 18. I am not ashamed of who I have become, and I’m happy where I am. So I don’t fear intimidation or judgment from my former classmates. And I look forward to reconnecting any way I can, even if it’s just for one night.

I’m sorry, though, I don’t have much else to say on the matter. This reunion has been on my mind for several weeks, but I still have nothing interesting to say about it. I will try to bring back some good anecdotes for you after the reunion has actually happened.

One thought on “I can’t believe I’m up this late”

  1. Love class reunions! My class had 24 graduates ( Holton) and I love these people yet today 58 years later. Have a great time!

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