Warning: this may get a little whiny

Oh, well. I’m in that grumpy, bitchy, unmotivated, frustrated mood. These moods are so much easier to “cope” with when the kids are gone and I can just ease back to normalcy at my own pace. But now I feel that added pressure to be the responsible mom and take care of things like feeding the children and making sure they’re not killing each other. And of course, being available to listen when they feel the need to ramble on about the latest YouTube video they watched. I’m so not up for this.

Thankfully, my kids are not crazy demanding and on these really hot days they are content to stay in their pajamas, watch movies, and eat cereal all day. That’s very similar to how I spent most of my summer breaks too, and I loved it. I have fond memories of fried bologna sandwiches and The Price is Right and watching the same movie over and over (the Princess Bride), with the occasional bike ride or fort building with my brother and sister. So really, I feel like I’m doing my kids a favor, so they’ll grow up and have fond memories to look back on too.

I haven’t been running in the last week or so and here’s why: I can’t leave the kids home alone (only one is willing to run with me) and it’s stupid hot outside (MS and heat = very  bad). However, something occurred to me today and I felt a little ridiculous that it took me even this long: I can run on the treadmill – home with the kids, in the cool basement. That’s how I started running in the first place, for criminy sakes! So I’ll just have to use the treadmill as my primary running location for the summer, and we’ll get back to the outdoors when kids are back in school in September.

I have to mention that I do recognize that my recent increase in debilitating fatigue could very well be related to my lack of running, coupled with the timing of my Tysabri infusion, coupled with that evil curse we women have. But the running is the only thing within my control, so I definitely need to get back to that. Hopefully even as soon as tonight, if possible. Tomorrow is out, and I hate to keep putting it off. Tomorrow is out because the kids and I are meeting some friends at the local aquatic center for a day of swimming and picnicking. We are all really looking fp orward to it!

So that’s my journaly-type update of sorts. If you read this far, I’m sorry hehe. Just kidding, I’m glad you’re here. Make it a fabulous day!

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