Moving forward then

Whew! Made it to the weekend, just barely. I’ve been dragging the last several days, struggling to keep up with the mundane but necessary tasks. But the dragging is thankfully still movement in the right direction, and it’s all just gonna be fine.

My daughter is all done with soccer and now Girl Scouts, at least until meetings start up again in September. My son is in baseball, and that will continue through most of the summer. This is the first year I’m actually really looking forward to the school year ending, because even though the kids are home full time with me, the activities slow down and for us as a family it feels as if we can breathe a little easier. Summer activities are a must, of course, but the schedule is a lot more flexible. And, no more 7 am alarm clocks buzzing, yay!

Along with the dragging I was feeling quite down, emotionally speaking. I get this way every once in awhile, and I usually just wait it out until the feeling passes. But this time it was lingering for many days, longer than I was comfortable with. So you know what I did? I called my mom.Β She helped talk some sense into me, helped me straighten out all the gunk in my brain. And after I hung up the phone, I realized I really did feel so much better. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to call her sooner, but I’m so grateful to have her, and to be able to get in touch with her when I need her.

So today was looking like just an okay day, but then it turned out much better than I expected.

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