Dudes. I dropped my phone.

In the toilet. And while it’s now resting peacefully in a bag of rice, I feel lost without it.
I handle most of my communication via texting. I keep track of my household chores and things to do using apps on my phone. I read books on my phone. My daily prayer list is there. My running app is on there!
Most of the things are backed up and I will be able to recover them, and I can still communicate with people using Facebook and the good old fashioned home phone (with captions, of course), but guys! I dropped my stupid phone in the stupid toilet! I was at our old house, cleaning so we can put it on the market and get the dang thing sold, and while scrubbing the toilet I received a text from my husband and thought there was no harm in checking it immediately. It all happened so fast, and believe me, I wasted no time shoving my bare hand in the toilet water to rescue it. Tomorrow we will know for sure if it survived, but until then I’m off the grid a little.
The irony is that just last week I ordered a new battery case/cover for my phone, a paisley one, and I may have to return it. Only time will tell, I guess.
I’ll be checking my email and Facebook messages periodically, but in the meantime, send cookies!
This is so sad. Seriously, I think cookies will help.

2 thoughts on “Dudes. I dropped my phone.”

  1. In my experience (I used to work for Sprint) a cardboard box is better than a bag of rice but if you use a bag leave it open so the humidity doesn’t get trapped. You should be ok.

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