Tax Preparation

We have received all the tax documents we need (I believe), I am armed with my new typoscope (recommended for those with low vision), extra large magnifier (a gift from my big brother), and my reading lamp (a gift from my father-in-law). Tomorrow, in the light of day, I’ll be attempting to prepare our tax returns. All by myself, and I am Geeked. Yes, that’s Geeked with a capital G. You have no idea how much I miss this.
See, I don’t mention it much here on the blog, but I’m an accountant. Not a CPA, but I was working on that. My college degree is in accounting (though I don’t get much use out of it these days), and I was an IRS Enrolled Agent at the time I went on disability. Key word there is WAS. My enrollment eventually expired since I stopped working in the field. Former clients will occasionally ask me around this time of year if I’m preparing tax returns again, or if I plan to down the road. I don’t know. I would really love to. But I barely trust myself to do my own, so I can’t very well ask others to put their trust in me.
But we’ll see how this week goes with these new visual tools I’ve been given. I have no doubt they will help to relieve some of the strain on my eyes, but the accuracy of my data input remains to be seen. Of course I’ll have my husband or a friend double-check the numbers for me. Crossing my fingers that I get the numbers right, AND that we don’t owe this year!!

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