One day at a time doesn’t always work

You’ve heard people say it, “just take it one day at a time”. It’s a way to give reassurance when life overwhelms you. And generally, I would say it helps, to break big things into smaller things.
But not always. I hate to admit it, but MS fatigue really kicks my butt sometimes. This past week or so has been yet another of those times.  I struggle. Not only with keeping up with my routines caring for the house and feeding the family, but also with the most basic of self-care tasks like making a sandwich or taking a shower. It’s just utterly draining.
So here is what I decided to do with today: rather than one enormous day at a time, I took it 15 itty bitty minutes at a time. I just set a timer and when time was up, I examined how I was feeling. Some times I felt good enough to go another 15, and other times I determined I needed to rest – but only for the allotted 15 minutes.
You know what? It worked well! It helped keep me from retreating into a slump or getting distracted and losing track of time. And best of all, I stayed to feel useful again, in spite of the fatigue.

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