Wasting time

You’ll never believe what I just did. I uninstalled Farmville 2 (gasp!) from my phone. Again. That stupid game just sucks me in. I had reinstalled it after going without for awhile, thinking I could handle it, but apparently I can’t. I hate to compare it to serious addictions to substances like alcohol or drugs, but I really do just need to say no. No, no, NO. When it’s there it takes over my thoughts. 24/7. It’s flippin’ ridiculous. I find myself wasting all kinds of time, all of which is essentially Free Time for me, and leaving me at the end of the day in a puddle of regret. Because I believe my time is a gift, and I am wasting it. I could be (should be?) interacting with my kids, praying for my friends, letting the dog out, unpacking, calling my mom for Pete’s sake!

So tomorrow we start again. Again. And hopefully this time I will prove to myself that I can remain strong and abstain from the life-sucking, time-wasting ridiculous farming game. One day at a time, Mindy. One. Day. At. A. Time.

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