Frittata for the win!

Tonight I made a frittata for dinner. If you don’t know what that is (I didn’t, until my sister described it to me) it’s basically an omelet, but without the tricky flipping. It’s eggs, milk, cheese, meat and veggies if you want ’em. It cooks in a pan, and is then finished off in the oven (or just put a lid on it and keep it on  the stove), and it kind of ends up looking like a breakfast pizza (incidentally, two of my favorite things… breakfast and pizza). I usually just use what I have on hand, so today’s frittata had sautéed red pepper and green onion, and ham and cheddar cheese. Simple, delicious, and fairly healthy!

This happened to be my third attempt at a frittata, but it was the first time I did it without incident (i.e. I didn’t scorch my hand pulling the pan out of the oven). It was also the first time I made it for my family to eat, so I was a tad nervous, since they all tend to be their own brand of picky eaters. Guess what? They all loved it! They weren’t necessarily begging for seconds, and Luke didn’t care for the red peppers, but the fact that no complaints were made (Luke was happy to pick out the peppers and continue eating) and my husband went back for seconds are both good signs of a winner in my book.

I just wish I had taken a picture for you 😦 Maybe next time!

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