Donuts in the park

Monday the kids and I walked to the local Quality Dairy for coffee, hot cocoa, and donuts. It was a leisurely mile long walk. Natalie had her vanilla frosted donut with sprinkles, Luke picked a glazed knot of some sort, and I chose the apple fritter, leaving the custard filled long john for another time.

On the way back home we stopped at the defunct elementary school and sat on a picnic bench in the shade while we ate our donuts and finished our drinks. We had nowhere to be, the whole day ahead of us. We chatted about the week ahead of us as we scarfed down our pastries. It was a beautiful morning, just getting warm but with a nice breeze. The kids were happy, I was happy, we were all happy just enjoying each other. It was beautiful. A memorable day for sure.

This school, which is less than a half mile from our house, is the school Mike attended as a child. The building is not used as a school anymore, but they still hold community events there, and they keep the grounds clean and groomed. There are swing-sets, basketball courts, tennis courts, monkey bars, and more. All this time we have lived here I have not become very familiar with the school, but I plan to this year. This year I am healthy and lucid enough to take the kids there, and the kids are at the perfect age to enjoy it. I plan to spend many more summer hours there with the kids, this year and hopefully every year after. We can go in the morning before it gets too warm, we can go around lunchtime and have picnics, and if it gets too hot, we can just walk on a little further to the Quality Dairy and get ice cream to cool ourselves down. It’s perfect, really. I can’t believe I’m just now discovering it, but I’m not going to waste it now.

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