Taco night

Growing up, my family had our own traditional way of preparing tacos. It was one of my favorite things. One of the unique things about our taco nights was that we would fry our own corn tortillas in hot oil on the stove. Not great for the arteries, but super delicious.

My husband and I both love tacos. We made tacos “Selleck-style” for years, but soon grew tired of the mess. Also, babies came along. Those babies are now young children, and have grown to share in our love for tacos too.

Along the way we’ve created our own tradition of using the leftovers (meat, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, sour cream) to make nachos the following day. Taco Night is therefore always followed by Nacho Night. Knowing this, I always prepare the fixings and put them in plastic, re-sealable containers. It makes clean-up a breeze, and makes Nacho Night that much easier. It’s my little stroke of genius, and it only took me a year to come up with it.

This last time we had tacos, after I finished eating, I asked everyone if they had had enough to eat. They all replied yes, so I began putting the tops on all the food containers. As I was snapping the last one into place, this exchange occurred:

Natalie (shouting): NOOOO, I want another taco!!!
Me (sighing): Really??
Natalie (now calm and collected): No.

That girl. She loves to make a joke, and her timing is impeccable.

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