Tough Luck

My daughter says some pretty funny things. I hardly ever record them, but I think I ought to start. I never remember them later on. Like when you ask her to bring you something, or she shows you that she finished her homework, she presents it to you with a head tilt and an emphatic “Boom.” Like saying “and there you go”, but with one simple word. I don’t know where she gets this attitude but I suspect it may have been me.

Last night Natalie went to bed, and Luke and I started reading a book before it was time for him to go to bed. Ten minutes later Natalie emerged from her bedroom, crying real tears and sniffling something fierce. When I asked her what was wrong, she cried “I ran out of luck!”

Oh dear. That was certainly a new dilemma for this Momma. I wasn’t really sure what to tell her. I mean, it’s certainly not a vital need for survival. I told her that it would be fine, and that she didn’t need luck anyway because she had Jesus living in her heart. And when that didn’t work, I let her cozy up on my lap while she listened to Luke read about Amelia Bedelia’s baking blunders.

Who needs luck when you’ve got snuggles??

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