New Things

Today may as well be recorded in the history books. Yes, it’s just your regular old Wednesday, but it was a day of new things for me!

1) A new pair of glasses. I’m so excited about these glasses. I had my eyes checked a couple weeks ago, and ordered new glasses then. They came in the day of my CI surgery, so I had to wait until the swelling went down before I picked them up. There are a few reasons I’m excited about these glasses. The biggest reason is that though they don’t correct the clouds, or you could call them blind spots, in my line of vision, they do make everything I DO see much clearer. This makes life a lot less frustrating for me. When you can only see a portion of what you are looking at, you would at least like that to not be so fuzzy. And the other reason I love these new glasses is because the arms are covered in paisley. I HEART paisley. I have a paisley key chain, paisley purses, paisley shirts… I even have paisley tattooed onto my upper arm. Oh, and I can’t forget about the paisley up in the corner of my blog, which happens to be the image identical to the stickers on my CI.

2) For the first time ever, I grilled. We purchased brats for dinner, and Mike showed me how to use the grill so I could make the food while he mowed the lawn. In all my years on earth, I have never had the desire to use the grill. And so, I never learned how. As it turns out, it’s ridiculous easy. And goes very well with a cold beer, I might add.

3) I wrote yesterday about becoming a faithful flosser. A friend commented on my blog post via Facebook (so the discussion won’t show here) and she was describing in somewhat graphic detail why she uses mouthwash. I’ll just say it basically involved ingesting bacteria, which is enough to motivate me to try it. Ew. So, today we bought a bottle of mouthwash and tonight I tried it. Dang, that stuff stings! They say to swish for 30 seconds but I don’t think I made it to 15 before I had to spit it out. Still, that’s better than none. It’s still one step closer to being a responsible adult, so I’m not beating myself up about the timing. I’m just proud I made that step.

So that’s enough grown-up activities for the day. Tomorrow I think I’ll stay in my pajamas and eat ice cream for breakfast!

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