Okay, now let’s talk about food.

I have found that one of the great things about being “stuck” at home all day, is that sometimes you are forced to be creative with your lunch options. That is, unless you are okay living on Ramen noodles lunches every day. Which I am not.

Who loves leftovers? This girl, right here. Sometimes it is okay to just reheat them – I’ll reheat soup in the microwave, but the broiler is the way to go for leftover pizza – but other times it’s better to do some creative repurposing. We grilled steak the other night, and ate it with a bleu cheese & bacon salad. So I decided to fry up that leftover steak (just to heat and add some butter flavor), slice it up into cubes, and throw it in with the salad. Grilled steak and bleu cheese salad – it’s definitely hitting the spot!

We also had a wad of leftover spaghetti. Now, I like to keep the noodles and sauce separate when I pack up the leftovers. It gives me more options for using it up. Rather than go with the standard spaghetti dish, I melted some butter and cream cheese (we always seem to eat all the bagels before we use up the cream cheese), mixed in some parmesan cheese, and then tossed that mixture in with the spaghetti noodles, threw it in a baking dish and layered it with the spaghetti sauce and some mozzarella cheese. Baked for about 40 minutes, and voila! We had baked spaghetti. The kids didn’t like it (not a fan of change, I guess), but I thought it was delicious. And the best part is that there are still leftovers from THAT, so I will be eating that for lunch tomorrow.

So that’s that. I’m thinking about baking some of my famous chocolate chip cookies next week, and if I’m successful, you may be hearing about that as well. I may even post a picture!

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