Some days you just wanna chuck it

Do you ever just feel like you’ve HAD IT with being a grown up? Like you just want to dismiss all your adult responsibilities and go play games and eat chocolate cake? I’m having one of those days. It’s the first like this that I remember having, but I’m sure I’ve had them before. I just want to go to the party. There is a party somewhere, isn’t there?

My daughter hosted a party of sorts for us this afternoon. She called it a “bubble sword” party. It was just the two of us, with our bubble swords (wands?), sitting on the porch. In the cold. Eating crushed Doritos. That’s pathetic, right? Not the sort of party I’m longing for, but I was a good sport about it and I love spending time with my daughter. She’s very thoughtful, creative, and caring. Today she let me take a nap in her bed. She declined to join me for my nap, and I found out after I woke up that she spent that time putting away the clean dishes. What a role reversal! So, no real partying, but today’s napping went well.

It is in this moment that I could really go for a beer or four, but truth is I just don’t want to deal with the consequences. I do enough staggering sober, and there’s no sleeping off a hangover when you have kids who think 7 am is “sleeping in”. So, instead I am munching on tortilla chips, drinking water, and writing. My ultimate therapy – the writing mostly, not the chips.

Okay, the chips too.

Happy spring, readers!

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