Who’s leading whom?

Our pastor gave us a great analogy at church yesterday. He has been doing a series on hearing from God, and yesterday he said that as we are listening to what God is saying, we need to be willing to follow His lead. To illustrate his point, he told us about a trick he learned from a fellow dog lover. The problem was that on walks, the dog was always pulling on the leash and trying to run ahead. The advice? Never let the dog be the first one out of the house. That way they know who the leader is, and it’s NOT them.

I was slightly blown away by this story for two reasons. One, it makes so much sense, I can’t believe we hadn’t thought of it ourselves. I was immediately anxious to try it with our dog (which I did today, and it was surprisingly successful). Two, how many times do I rush out the door ahead of God in my life? How many times in a day?

I’m constantly making my own decisions. Many of my major life decisions were made without much, if any, input or guidance from God. Sometimes I wasn’t listening, but other times I wasn’t even asking. This is not to say I never ask, or never listen. Many times I do. And those are the times worth mentioning.

This blog, for example, wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for God’s pressing on my heart and clear message to resume writing (I first started blogging in 2004. Wrote my own html!).  Dating and marrying my husband only happened after countless hours of heartfelt prayer. I was so fed up with dating by the time I met Mike, I wanted to be absolutely sure that he was part of God’s plan for my life before I would make any commitments. And here we are, 16 years later, still madly in love.

I firmly believe that when we let God go first, by letting Him lead our journeys, we will be blessed. Not that there won’t be hard times along the way (Piper and I had a few missteps with puddles and such), but overall it makes for a more peaceful, joyful, and rewarding trip. As I am encouraged to let God lead the way in my day to day life, I encourage you to do the same. Let’s just see where He takes us!

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