TMI, really

Where do I begin? I have been writing this blog post in my head for the last three days, but now I don’t know where to start. Let’s just say I’m channeling my inner Gilda Radner lately – “It’s always something!”

Seriously. It’s Tuesday night, and already it’s one of the worst weeks I’ve had in a long time. Comical, in hindsight. At least, I hope so, because what follows here for you lovely readers is a recap of all the crap that has gone down in Mindy’s world for the last three days. So yes, this whole post will basically be one Long Whine, but hopefully a comical one. I know I’m almost laughing. Almost.

WARNING: If you are squeamish about women and their girly issues, just stop reading. This post is not for you.

It starts with  Sunday night. Super Bowl Sunday. We stayed in and watched the game at home, while the kids went across the street to join the neighbors for their Super Bowl party. I had been having some trouble throughout the day, increasing pain with urination. I am no stranger to this pain, as I had lots of urinary tract infections (UTIs) as a child, and even some in adulthood. I have a high pain tolerance, but this is a special kind of pain that cannot be tolerated. First of all, it’s in the most sensitive area possible. And now that I’m reliving it, I remember that it actually started Sunday morning, around 3 am, and kept me awake and UP (because it’s unbearable to SIT with something akin to razor blades in your hoo-ha) until around 7 am when I was finally able to lie down and sleep.

The pain became more bearable throughout Sunday so I hoped it was getting better. By game time, I realized it was not. So around half-time, Mike dutifully drove to the pharmacy – in a snow storm, no less – to buy some AZO. Oh, and the snow storm meant that Monday would not be a day of rest for me as the kids would be home. I really look forward to my Mondays. They are kind of like a working woman’s Saturday. And this one was especially coveted because we had a full and busy weekend of floor hockey, pinewood derby races, and time with friends. All that, piled on top of MS fatigue and anemia, and the UTI: yes, to say I needed a break was an understatement.

Monday came, and I thought I had it covered. I had a lot I thought I needed to get done, but almost all of it could wait another day. It was going fine. The kids were occupied, and the puppy was cooperating (mostly), I think I even managed to feed myself. And then Aunt Flo decides to show up early. Because I just didn’t have enough going on. I was beside myself. Nearly in tears. How on earth was I going to keep up with the kids and the dog while I’m a mess?

I don’t know how I made it, but I did, and everything was fine. My mom, who lives in Oklahoma, had a pizza delivered to our house so I didn’t have to worry about lunch. Piper slept in her crate and Grandpa took the kids sledding, so I was able to take a nap. I survived Monday, and looked forward to Tuesday, a full day of rest and recovery.

And then they declared another snow day.

Tuesday, today, started off with a bang. Mike trying to get ready for work, kids and puppy running around, THREE puddles of pee to clean up, and me a bloody mess, all before 8 am. It gets better. By 10 am the house was running smoothly until I went downstairs to do laundry. That’s when my daughter called down needing help because there was “too much water and pee in the toilet and now it’s all over the floor!” Needless to say, the bathroom got cleaned today.

So, I don’t know. I guess it felt worse than it sounds, but we had some issues with Luke as well. The boy can’t seem to focus on a task and do what he’s told. Which is frustrating on its own, but feels unbearable when coupled with ungodly pain, overflowing toilets, and all varieties of messes to clean up.

My New Year’s Resolution to not yell? Epic fail these last two days. Tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start, and it’s right around the corner. Thank you Jesus, praise the Lord.

One thought on “TMI, really”

  1. Yeah for your enthusiasm that tomorrow is another day! We are all human and do things (yell) that we don’t want to do. Don’t beat yourself up. A person can only take so much. Hang in there Bug!

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