No one is around, thankfully

I say that while completely understanding the irony here. I’m not shy.

But seriously, what the hell is up with my hair? I washed it about two hours ago, towel dried it, and have been sitting and reading a book since then. And now there is this:

Wild hair

…which may not be a big deal relatively, but I’m not used to it. Mostly because once it fully dries it tends to calm down, and I generally keep it up in a half-ponytail so it doesn’t interfere with my cochlear implant. However, they tweaked the magnet on the headpiece last Tuesday at the audiologist’s office, and it is staying put much better now. The first magnet was strong enough, but caused pain. The second one didn’t cause pain, but kept falling off. This third time is the winner, apparently. I think only other CI recipients can understand the joy in being able to keep this thing stuck to your head. And oh, being able to style your hair in more ways than just the half-ponytail is pretty thrilling too.

The excitement never ends around here. Ha! Good night, my dear bloggy readers!

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