A Dessert Too Awesome for Words

>>>Insert delicious dessert photo here

I am in the process of making a dessert for the family gathering tomorrow. This is my third time making it. The first time I made it, it turned out fabulous, and I brought it to my mother-in-law’s for Christmas. It was a huge hit. The second time I made it for another family gathering, which was cancelled due to weather. It was a good thing though, because I totally screwed up the marshmallow element. So the family gathering was rescheduled for tomorrow, and that brings me to my third attempt.

While I like recipes, they bore me at times, and I like to take a risk now and then. Attempt #1 involved a makeshift double boiler to melt down giant marshmallows we had left from summer camping trips. Attempt #2 involved skipping the makeshift double boiler method, which proved disastrous. If you’ve ever hated getting taffy stuck in your teeth, multiply that experience by 38. It was bad.

Attempt #3 is still in progress. I plan to come back and add a picture, but we’ll see. The twist on this attempt can’t be seen in the picture anyway. I won’t really know how it turns out until it’s done, but I can tell you the batter was amazing. What is the twist? Haitian Vanilla. Straight imported from a friend of mine who visits there often to do mission work. I absolutely hate using store-bought vanilla, as all I can smell is the alcohol (and not the good kind). I have always loved using Mexican vanilla. It’s a much smoother, purer alternative.

But this stuff from Haiti? A totally different animal. Simply sinful. I get high just sniffing it from the bottle. It’s amazing. And adding it to the brownie batter (did I forget to mention this dessert involves brownies?) seemed to work very well. I tasted it and it was heavenly. A perfect blend of bold sweetness, but rounded out with a darkness that is just, well, sinister. That’s the best way I can describe it. I’m not so good at the putting the words together thing. 😉

I realize I never mentioned what the dessert was. The recipe I found on Allrecipes.com calls it Krispy Brownie Delights, but that name seriously doesn’t do this creation justice. It’s just too awesome for words. So that’s what we call it! Too Awesome For Words.

*On a side note, my daughter actually doesn’t like it (what?!%?@!) so my husband has been calling it Too Awesome for Natalie. I reject that title because that doesn’t even sound like something you would want to eat.

So, batch #3 is chillin’ in the fridge. We will find out tomorrow how it turned out, and maybe we can get some suggestions, take up a vote, and find this delectable dish a proper name!

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