Lunch-No, Pee-No, School-No, Heat… YES!!

First, let me tell you about the lunch I had planned to eat today. It’s something Mike came up with, and it’s super easy. It’s pasta (usually penne) with marinara sauce, Italian sausage, and green and red peppers, all topped with mozzarella and baked. Adding the peppers was Mike’s idea, and though it’s extra work, it’s totally worth it. The kids hate it, but It has become one of our favorite dinners. Mike buys fresh links of both spicy and mild sausage, so I make a spicy batch for him, and the rest is for me and the kids. We always have leftovers, which is part of the reward. So that’s what I was really excited about eating for lunch today. Only when I opened the container as I was walking toward the microwave, I dropped the whole damn thing on the floor. All of it. On the floor. And immediately after dropping the delicious pasta onto the floor, I dropped a big, fat f-bomb. You know the one. I try not to use it often, but situations like these call for it.

Now, onto the main topic of the day. It’s friggin’ cold in Michigan this week. I don’t mind the cold. I grew up here, it’s not a big deal. Unless, of course, your furnace dies as the sun is going down, and the cold starts invading your living space. Mike noticed the temperature on the thermostat was low and thought the air filter just needed to be changed, but upon further inspection discovered the problem was much more serious. From what he explained to me last night, it sounds like our house very possibly could have gone up in flames when he changed the filter. Thankfully it did not, but at midnight it was clear to him that something needed replacing, and would have to wait until the morning. So when we awoke this morning, the thermostat was down to 47 degrees, which only sounds chilly if you are referring to outdoor weather, but in your home it becomes quite a nuisance. We are used to 65. After an entire day of almost completely dismantling our furnace, Mike was able to get the parts he needed, and with the help of a friend managed to get it rebuilt. By 7 pm, we had heat. The temp is only up to 55 at the time of this writing, but it’s heading in the right direction.

As it turns out, the culprit was a heat exchange with two gaping holes in it. I know nothing of heat exchanges and furnaces, but Mike explained a bit and showed me the holes and they look scary dangerous. Those holes were potentially allowing harmful chemicals into the air we breathe. If that’s the case, I am so thankful that it’s fixed, and that nothing serious happened.

Oh, and this you will not believe. Surprisingly, on this crazy cold day surviving cooped up with blankets and space heaters, my dumb dog did not pee in the house. Not even once. She even led me to the back door a few times, waiting for me to let her out. We’ll see how she does tomorrow, but it’s a miracle, if you ask me!

So we are praising God for keeping us safe and providing us with the means to a solve a very serious issue with our furnace. And I am praising Him for helping my puppy hold her bladder.

Oh, and I just found out school is closed for my kids tomorrow. We’ve had sub-zero temperatures across the state all week, and it seems all the schools around us keeping calling snow days, but not us. No, we had to be the troopers. Well, it’s about time. The kids are already in bed so we’ll share the excitement with them in the morning.

That is all! Rest well and keep warm!!

One thought on “Lunch-No, Pee-No, School-No, Heat… YES!!”

  1. Goodness! We had a mystery furnace issue ourselves this week (resolved just by luck — it may have been the thermostat and not the furnace) but our house never got anywhere near 47 degrees. You are so much more calm than I would have been — I think I would have found a hotel, LOL. So glad it’s all fixed now — high five to your resourceful husband!

    From one Michigander to another — stay warm! 🙂

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