Dogs are dumb

This puppy, who I thought was making good progress with potty training, peed in the house THREE times before 8 this morning. Like, between 7 and 8. If she’s going for a record she’s of to a good start.

Also, she’s bat-poop crazy. She was awake and whining at 4 this morning, three hours prior to the peeing marathon, but also not long after my husband had so graciously gotten out of bed to let her outside. But since he has a real job to go to, he woke me up to address the issue. Of course I didn’t have my ear on, and it was too dark to read lips, so I had to sort of guess that his forceful pointing towards the kitchen meant “get the dog!” (Note to self: assign the new family member an ASL name)

So between 4 and 5 I was up with Piper, trying to figure out what her deal was. Which basically involved supervising as she frantically sprinted around the living room, darting and barking at invisible foes.

She did calm down eventually, so I let her out one more time and put her back in her crate. This was at 4:45, and climbing back into a nice warm bed was heaven. Waking up again at 6:30 to get the kids ready for school was not. Every cell in my body was rejecting wakefulness. It’s a terrible feeling, but thankfully I will have plenty of time to make up for it during the day. Did I mention this puppy, crazy as she is, happens to be a skilled napper?

Happy napping, folks!

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