Baby steps to a book.

I posted the following message on my Facebook wall the day after Christmas. Just six days ago.

“Today I have officially started writing my book. Thank you, Staci, for passing that ‘rumor’ along to our buddy Lyle. Your confidence in me was motivation to get this girl’s butt in gear.”

Of course, not much has happened since then. Which frustrates me to my core. Because I am an unrealistic overachiever, and I set ridiculous standards for myself, not having thought them through. Of course writing a book is an enormous task. I don’t even really know where to start, but that’s mostly irrelevant at this point because –

Hello? Who has time to write a book with two kids home for Christmas break and a new puppy to housetrain??

Okay. Now that we have that cleared up. A book is in process. Baby steps. Or maybe very tiny itty-bitty steps until kids go back to school. Either way, there will be steps.

2 thoughts on “Baby steps to a book.”

  1. This too shall pass. Next week will be a much better time to start writing a book.
    May I make a suggestion? Just start with bullet points or an outline of what you want to put in the book.

    1. I did write out some chapter titles to start with. Also went back and started reading my journals from the beginning. Would help if I could recover my griddlebandits blog.

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