Sick days.

My daughter was running a fever yesterday, so per the school’s 24-hour fever-free policy, we are keeping her home today. Also, I have a pretty horrendous headache. I am not very tolerant of headaches, and thankfully I don’t get them often. Around once a month, actually. They are sort of on a schedule, if you ladies know what I mean.

So… Natalie and I are having a pajama type of day. Not necessarily lazy, but not real productive either. She is sitting next to me, doing a lot of very detailed drawing, while I research and do work on the computer. Though my head is pounding so I think I need to take a break from the screen and go lie down.

Yes, yes, this is a very pathetic sounding blog post. And serving no real purpose other than to keep up with the daily writing. And now to the couch I go…

3 thoughts on “Sick days.”

  1. Now I have the “fever” kids. I guess Aydan had it Monday and Tuesday. Then Charly yesterday. She feels a little better today. Now Peyten today. I hope Dave doesn’t get it. He is going to be MAD.

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