She just knows

Despite our best attempts to inform our children of the real meaning and origins of Christmas, our daughter has apparently taken on a different belief. Last night she informed me, ever so matter-of-factly (it’s a word, just roll with it) that Santa is real. When asked how she can be so sure, she told me that he told her himself when she was a baby. And if that isn’t enough proof for you, also because he is at the mall.

I just love 5-year old logic, don’t you?

Oh, and when I asked how he could possibly known when and where to be at every mall so all the kids could visit him, she laughed in my face. As if I was joking, asking such a simple question with such an obvious answer.  The obvious answer that she has yet to share with me.

The thing is, knowing my daughter’s sense of humor, I don’t know for sure if she really believes Santa is real or if she is just messing with me. Knowing her, it’s the latter. Which amuses me to know end and leaves me feeling very, very proud.

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