Secret ingredient soup

My kids may kill me for stuff like this some day, but I like to live on the edge. Luke and Natalie both love Ramen noodle soup – or, as we like to call it around here (for you Kung Fu Panda fans) – “Secret Ingredient Soup”. It’s easy to make (I use half the seasoning packet) but all the noodle slurping involved with eating them gets quite messy.

I have captured some precious Secret Ingredient Soup moments for you with a couple of photos.

Please note the concentration and gusto displayed by the boy as he eats. And then note that the young lady is enjoying some light reading while she scarfs giant gobs of noodles into her face. That is, if you call arachnology a light read.



Sadly, that’s all this writer has today. Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “Secret ingredient soup”

  1. Ramen noodles have taken a few very distinct turns in my life: I somehow avoided them all through college and only had them for the first time on a cross-country road trip with some friends. We would cook them at a camp site after driving too long, then having to set up camp, all the while getting increasingly ravenous. That’s when I had ramen for the first time, at the height of hunger. And they were AMAZING. I thought I had solved all of my financial woes with this discovery, came home and bought roughly 50 cases of the stuff. And discovered it wasn’t as good in everyday life as it was seasoned with hunger.

    Then, teaching at a boarding school, I discovered the authentic Asian version, ramen noodles with spicy flavor packets. And one of my students also keyed me in on a Korean secret (probably other Asian cultures do it too, as far as I know): cooking them on the stovetop and adding an egg. Amazing.

    I love the picture of your daughter, looking at the camera like “Seriously, mom? You’re going to take a picture of me with ramen noodles hanging out of my mouth?”

    This will have to return to haunt her at her wedding, if not every first date she ever goes on. 🙂

    1. What a great story! My go-to meal when I was broke was egg noodles with margarine and parmesan cheese (the cheap processed stuff in the canister). My sister, who went to culinary school, can do amazing things with Ramen noodles, adding veggies, hot sauce, etc. I’ll have to ask her if she’s ever made them with eggs. And I may try that myself!

      Yes, I have lots of embarrassing photos of my kids. My daughter often tells me after I take one – “DON’T put that on Facebook, Mom!!”

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