Pink Works

Before lunchtime comes, I thought I would share some tidbits of my morning conversations with my daughter, Natalie:

When I found her in her room she told me her name was Alexa and she had been busy defeating Malucia, because she was trying to steal everyone’s magic. Mean, nasty princess, that Malucia. And yes, she really used the word “defeating”. So serious, that girl.

Then just now she came out of her room dressed from head to toe in pink. Pink shirt, pink skirt, pink-jeweled tiara and wand. Only her tights are red, because she said she couldn’t find any pink tights but red is close so… She said she just really likes pink and that is why she decided on that ensemble. Oh, and now she just added some purple sparkly sunglasses, because she said purple and pink go together. And of course a pink Hello Kitty purse to accessorize.

Right on, girl, right on.

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