Thankfulness challenge #ohforgetitivelostcount

So yeah. I was up north-ish with the children for the weekend, staying with my dad and stepmom. They have no internet (by choice… gah!) so I didn’t bring my laptop and thus did no writing. We played lots of games. I got crushed with a two day long game of Monopoly, played some word games (Bananagrams) and played in the snow (built a snowman, rode on some sleds). We had a great time but it is nice to be back home and back to our routine. Well, the routine will be short-lived since the kids only have school today and tomorrow, and then are home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Speaking of Thanksgiving… this is why I had been posting daily. I need to share something I’m thankful for today but all my ideas are ones I have already shared. It sounds superficial, but I’m thankful for internet service, and the opportunity and freedom to write and share bits and pieces of myself with all of you.

I’ll stop there before I go on to share how nervous I am about this huge meal we will be serving on Thursday and all the preparations that need to happen. Is there a shortcut for peeling potatoes? I will gladly clean the house from top to bottom, and wake early in the morning to babysit the bird, but I think the potatoes are task I’m dreading the most. And, some would argue, the most important. Oh, and the gravy. I should put some pre-made stuff on the shopping list just in case. One of these days I will learn to make it right. Because homemade is the best. Sometimes it’s just not worth it to take the shortcut.

Oops. I did it, didn’t I? Went on about how nervous I am. It’s okay, it will be fine. I have help. It will be just fine. And, thanks to Ema there will be pumpkin pie. ‘Nuff said.

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