Thankfulness challenge day 15

Today I am thankful that my son is a true and caring friend. His good friend from school, pictured below (the tall one), left today with his family to move to Nicaragua. His parents are from there, but he and his little brother were born here in America. It is a big move, and Luke has been pretty affected by it. He was very sad to see him go, but was very thankful for this last goodbye this morning. The part that I am astonished at is that when we were discussing how much he was going to miss him, he remarked that it would be much harder for his friend because he is leaving ALL the friends he’s ever known. What an insight for a seven year old! I am thankful that I can learn from the innocent perspective of a child.


2 thoughts on “Thankfulness challenge day 15”

  1. One, Luke is a remarkable boy.
    Two, he is learning life’s lessons early and has you to help him through the hard part.
    Three, I don’t know why but your picture on WordPress is upside down. But on tumblr and facebook it is fine. Lol

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