Thankful challenge, day 5

Today I am thankful that I am still walking unassisted. As I have mentioned on the blog, I have MS. I was diagnosed in October of 2009, just one month shy of my daughter’s birth. Since then relapses have come and gone, and some symptoms still remain such as balance problems and fatigue, but overall I am far better than I had feared I would be. I was afraid I would be completely disabled within a couple years, but that doesn’t even scare me so much anymore. I have wonderful support from my husband, children, family, friends, and in this day and age we have great resources and tools to aid disabled people. Not walking no longer feels like the end of the world.

So today… today I am still able to walk my kids to the bus stop. I am still able to move freely around the house. And I treasure every day this is true.

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