Oldie, but goodie

Did I mention that I found my ipod awhile ago? And then lost it? I was very distressed over this, because I had finally learned how to use a cord to plug my ComPilot into the ipod or phone, so the sound is transmitted wirelessly to my cochlear implant (translation: learned how to listen to music). I have so much of my favorite music on that ipod that it would be great to listen to and “practice” listening with my ci. I sometimes get a little over zealous with de-cluttering, so I had started to think maybe I had disposed of it.

But then, last night my dear daughter walked up to me with a big smirk on her face and my ipod in her hand. She had hidden the damn thing from me. I’m a huge fan of her sense of humor (she loves Mr. Bean) but this went a little too far. I gave her a pass this time though, since it was the first time she’d done anything like this (I think), and it was her birthday, after all.

So this afternoon I am listening to MY music, music that I am familiar with and love. Mostly they all sound very strange and distorted but occasionally a glimpse of a note or a beat comes through sounding very real, and that makes me happy. That happened just now with Carole King. I remember listening to my mom’s Tapestry record when I was little and dancing around  the living room. Today that soulful, raspy voice came through for just a split second and my heart skipped a beat. Or, I suppose you could say I felt the earth move 🙂

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