Today was a good day

I feel like someone should throw me a party, or buy me a congratulatory latte. I did get a high five from my audiologist and a fist bump from my husband. Why? Because at my last appointment I scored 21% speech recognition and today it was a whopping 79%! And that’s after only four months with one ear! Imagine how much better it will get with time and possibly a second ear implanted!

This is so exciting, to put a quantitative figure on the improvement until today I had only speculated was happening. Praise God!

2 thoughts on “Today was a good day”

  1. Wow, what an upbeat post! I’ve just been diagnosed and I’m feeling nervous about my future. Knowing that a CI has helped someone else is reassuring, to say the least! I hope it continues to improve!

    1. Suzi, I was so nervous about getting the CI but it has been wonderful! You just have to go in with no expectations. Progress comes a little bit each day, but it does come. And there is a wealth of support out there from other CI recipients. Good luck to you!

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