City of refuge

I’ve been reading in the Old Testament. Lately, in the book of Numbers. Have you read it? It’s really just as exciting as it sounds. I pretty much read because it’s part of my reading plan and when I’m done, I can check that off my list of things to do.

Today’s nugget from Numbers chapter 35… If you happen to kill someone by accident, like dropping a stone on them (it’s in there, really), you do not have to die as payment for your transgression. But you do have to move to a city of refuge, and live there until the high priest dies. So, not so bad.

Believe it or not, God actually spoke to me through this passage of Scripture. I have not killed anyone, but I’ve been feeling a lot of guilt lately because I have this temper that seems to ride very close to the surface, and I can’t seem to control it. It strikes before I can tame it, and apologies and explanations don’t fully repair the damage. Nor do they remove the guilt. But the good news is that God is a merciful God, and full of grace. Grace is not something we have to earn. It’s just there. And if we go looking for it we are guaranteed to find it. And it will be like a city of refuge.

Bam. That was all it was. It’s not very complicated, I know, but it hit me hard, so I had to share.

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