Phone training

I am super excited! Kids started school today, and my head is swirling with ideas and plans for how to best use all this time to myself. Cleaning and meal planning is a given, but I have other stuff I want to get done. First and foremost, I want to practice listening with my cochlear implant. Which will be much easier now that I don’t have other sounds around to distract.

I really want to get to a point with the phone where I am confident (i.e. not afraid) to answer the phone when it rings. The first step was reviewing the instructions for my ComPilot remote, which pairs with my implant via Bluetooth. Easy peasy, right? Well, I didn’t realize that I can actually answer the phone with the remote. Should be super easy, as long as I have the remote with me, and turned on. So I have that new knowledge in my back pocket (along with my phone… hehe) and will practice listening in preparation. I did some reading on the Advanced Bionic (AB) forum at, and found that there are programs out there, provided by the cochlear implant manufacturers, to assist us ci recipients with learning to use the phone. So Cochlear has an actual phone line dedicated for this purpose. You call the number, choose the option, and listen. They even have a pdf for each day’s recording, so you can read along. See?

So if I can do this every day, over time my brain will learn to recognize speech. And from here, things can only get better! (Ain’t that right, Howard?)

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