Finding music

I cleaned out three purses today. Yes, three. And that is just scratching the surface. I won’t even tell you how many purses I have hanging in the closet.

Anyhoo, It felt good to clean them out, and even better to have found my old ipod. The one with all of my favorite music on it that I somehow lost two computers ago. Maybe. Well, I was able to pull up all the songs on my laptop so I can listen to it through my CI remote (The Phonak Compilot) IF it successfully connects. Which most of the time it does not. But maybe I just need to restart. The additional good thing about this is that I was able to upload many of the songs from my laptop to my Amazon cloud drive thingamajigger, and from there I can listen from (and possibly download to) my Kindle. Which almost always connects to the ComPilot. Yee. F-in. Ha.

And now I can start to listen to the songs I know and “practice” hearing music again. And hopefully enjoying it too. I know it’s possible because other CI users say it is, and I have had blips of musical enjoyment here and there. Like yesterday in the truck when Beastie Boys’ “Pass the mic” came on the radio. That was super fun and brought back lots of great awful memories of my young adulthood. I listened to Beck’s “Loser” just now and that was pretty fun. Crazy stupid lyrics that I will probably never forget. So here’s to future CI joy and music enjoyment.

Get crazy with the Cheez Whiz!

One thought on “Finding music”

  1. Here’s to musical ci joy to you Mindy! Music took more effort and time for me to get to the point to where it sounded good with my cochlear implant in 1989 and again in the opposite ear in 2008. Some songs sounded pretty terrible initially but with time and lots of repetition they got better sounding. Now if I want to understand the lyrics of new songs, I go to an online lyric website and read the lyrics as I listen to the song on my ipod. That seems to help my brain to hear the lyrics better. Have fun learning to bring and enjoy music to your ci ear! with double ci joy, Margo

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