The Bible is so old

As I ponder my condition and worry if or when I will ever regain my vision, I am continually reminded of the truth. God whispers in my ear and reassures me that this life on earth is so short compared to the eternity I will spend with Him. And those will be the days when I will see with fully functioning eyes and I will never again grow weary.

Just this morning, and again this afternoon, God has shown me simple scriptures to remind me of this. There are so many. And they are all so old. Think of how many people have read these words over the decades, centuries even, and have struggled with illness and pain, loss of hearing and vision, and were continually comforted by these words. I am not the first to struggle, and I certainly won’t be the last. But, I can rest assured in the knowledge that God has been down this road before, countless times, and He’s got my back.

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