Phone Talker

I have never been one of those people who enjoys talking on the phone, so it didn’t bother me so much when I went deaf. However, talking on the phone is extremely convenient and useful (as opposed to texting and emailing).

One of my fellow CI friends recently asked how I was doing at talking on the phone. I regrettably responded that I hadn’t tried yet. The fear of failure and frustration was just too great. Well, then I had some major trouble communicating with my mother-in-law on Sunday as she was trying to return my children. I decided then that I would bite the bullet and give it a shot.

Feeling self-conscious, I was only willing to try a phone conversation with someone who really understands how I hear (and how I don’t), so my husband, Mike, was the lucky guy. I called him yesterday at work. From my phone! Imagine that! He speaks clearly and slowly, and I think I understood most of what he said. The call went surprisingly well, and it gave me the courage to try it with a friend. She had been with me during the trouble with my mother-in-law, and she knew how nervous I was. We had a successful conversation, but I know I missed some things she said because we are both chatty people and ended up interrupting each other with giggles and random interjections! However, it still left me feeling pretty good about the future of my hearing and the progress to come.

Today I even Skyped with my mom, and this time she didn’t have to type her words to me. She could just talk to me. It was so wonderful. I am so grateful for this implant. I feel like so much was stolen from me last year, and the ci has given much of it back. I’m at a loss for words now. Hallelujah.

3 thoughts on “Phone Talker”

  1. Love helping you on your journey. You are making me so much more aware of things that I used to ignore. You are an awesome woman and mother. You are doing well in your new profession – Homemaker.

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